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Our company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement for electrical equipment with China 22nd Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd

In order to better promote win-win and mutually beneficial business between both parties, in accordance with the relevant provisions of

How to buy MNS type low voltage switch cabinet

With the development of modern social economy and science and technology, low-voltage complete sets of equipment are in full bloom. Fro

What are the problems of high voltage switch cabinet introduced by the manufacturer

High voltage switch cabinet plays the role of on-off, control or protection in power generation, transmission, distribution, energy con

Analysis of characteristics of air insulated enclosed bus duct by professional manufacturers

Introduction of air insulated enclosed bus duct1. ShellThis series of bus duct shell produced by our factory is rolled and formed by mo

Professional supplier introduces the structure characteristics of dense bus duct to you

Structure characteristics of dense bus duct1) Strong heat dissipationPhase to phase and phase to shell are close together, so it can be

The supplier introduces the selection and application of fireproof cable tray

Fireproof cable tray is a support that can support and place cables. Fireproof cable tray is widely used in engineering. As long as cab

How to choose the manufacturer of aluminum alloy cable bridge

The surface of aluminum alloy cable tray is treated by sand blasting and anodizing, and a natural oxidation protective film is formed o

What methods are used by professional manufacturers to avoid rusting of cable tray

Bridge is an important auxiliary equipment of power transmission, which can be used in indoor and outdoor environment. In order to exte


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  Jiangsu fengneng Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the golden triangle of the Yangtze River with active economy and rich materials. Yangzhong, the second island city of the Yangtze River known as the Pearl of the river and the island of electrical appliances, enjoys a unique geographical location. The connection of S35 Expressway in Jiangsu province promotes the convenient transportation of Yangzhong.

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